Sedation Dentistry in Saratoga Springs & Gloversville, NY 

Do you get nervous before your dental appointments? Do have special healthcare needs, dental anxiety, or sensitivity to light and sound that make it difficult to receive the dental treatment you need? At Harrison Family Dentists, we never want you to experience anxiety or discomfort during your appointment.

Our doctors Devin and Alex offer the top sedation dentistry services near Saratoga Springs, Gloversville, and beyond, because ours always focus on safety and comfort! No matter your anxiety level, we'll use our comprehensive assessment of your health history to determine the safest, most appropriate level of sedation for your needs!

Sedation Dentistry Options

Our office provides the following safe sedation dentistry options:

Oral Conscious Sedation

Harrison Family Dentists offers oral conscious sedation to help anxious patients relax during treatment. Oral conscious sedation provides mild to moderate sedation in the form of a pill prior to your procedure. At a mild sedation level, patients will feel drowsy, and for moderate sedation, patients may fall into a light sleep. Our doctors will always select the safest sedation level for your individual needs!

Laughing Gas

Also known as inhalation sedation, laughing gas is a light form of sedation that we typically offer to our youngest patients or those who experience mild dental anxiety. The odorless, colorless glass is administered through a comfortable breathing mask, making the process minimally invasive. Our doctors will carefully control the amount of laughing gas released to ensure optimal levels of safety and relaxation. Patients can expect to remain fully awake throughout the procedure.

Stay Comfortable with Our Sedation Dentistry Services

We never want you to feel anxious before your appointment — at Harrison Family Dentists, we prioritize your comfort with every treatment!

Our Saratoga Sprints, NY dental office is home to our state-of-the-art sedation dentistry equipment. If you're living or working near Saratoga Springs, Gloversville, NY, and beyond, call Harrison Family Dentists today to learn how sedation dentistry services can give you a comfortable experience in the dentist's chair.

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